PSB Debuts Imagine X Speakers

PSB Speakers on Monday announced the arrival of its newest speaker products, the four-model Imagine Series. The speakers, PSB said, “follow a time-honored tradition of producing high performance, high-value loudspeakers that PSB has established for more than four decades.”

The line consists of the Imagine X1T and Imagine X2T tower speakers ($449 each and $649 each, respectively), the Imagine XB monitors ($499 per pair) and the Imagine XC center channel ($399.)

All four are available now.

“With the Imagine X, our mandate was simple – to produce the best performing speakers with the most value in the market for real people who want real sound.,” Paul Barton, PSB’s founder, said as part of the announcement.

“To achieve performance and value together, one must begin with performance. In the Imagine X speakers, the objective is never less than doing music justice: These are speakers that eschew any fads in favor of timeless design. Imagine X represents the culmination of PSB design expertise and the refinement of our traditional virtues. These are speakers designed to give the listener complete enjoyment and satisfaction for years to come.”

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