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Q&A: HTSA's Bob Hana on the Year Ahead, Ultra HD, 3D Printing and More

March 27, 2014
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We sat down with Bob Hana, the managing director of the Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), on the opening night of HTSA's spring conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hana discussed the recent successes of the association and plans for both the conference and the year ahead. 

Q: I wanted to get a sense from you of what your impressions are of this conference, and what you're hoping to accomplish. 

A: What we're trying to do is get across our message for the year, which is "Contagious Synergy," which is really building upon the synergy that we have been experiencing both in our marketing efforts, our members and vendors partnership, the way that we continue to work together in unique ways, is really beginning to find traction. We wanted to bring focus to that, and we wanted to identify and have members and vendors speak of those success stories, when those are happening, so it would then be therefore be contagious. Because it would be good. Most things that are contagious, you don't want to spread, but in this sense, the success and partnership and everything else is there, so we were really about this year is to bring that to another level, and understand that we're all working together for the common goal, and that we can really make this thing more than the sum of our efforts individually. 

Q: In your opening presentation you were very positive, in terms of how things are going, with the industry, the general economy, and with the members and vendors. What is it that you see is driving that positivity? 

A: First of all, with the macroeconomics, everything continues to improve. We see housing improving, and we talk to vendors, their project list is now further out than they've ever been. They're looking for new employees, they're trying to train people so there's a human resource shortage in our group, for people to join, so those are things that tend to see, they're ready for that next move. Then you look at the different technologies, and you see that there's more music out there for people, and there's more mass interest in control, and that there's a lot more talk out that about automation and lighting and the various factors out there. I just tend to believe that more and more of that opportunity is coming to our members. 


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