Appliances at IFA Spotlight Design

Samsung's new ShowCase refrigerator launches at IFA 2013.

Bosch's new espresso brown finish

Miele's Knock2open feature

Miele's TwinDos two-phase liquid detergent system

Bosch Lime Green

Clean surfaces, quiet motors and power efficiency emerge as appliance trends

No matter where a product is launched, chances are strong design features will wind up in products introduced in other markets. If the major and small home appliances introduced at IFA this week in Berlin are any indication, U.S. can expect some positive changes in the lines they sell during the next few years.

Some of more interesting design elements and features we saw at the show include handleless doors, better food storage organization, super quiet motors and, of course, energy efficiency. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the more interesting changes we saw during the opening days of the show.


Miele kicked off its press conference by introducing the Knock2open feature on its new Generation 6000 series of integrated dishwashers. Tap twice on the door and it’s supposed to open. Although it took a Miele executive a few extra taps to open the door, the concept is a good one and helps to create a clean overall look in the kitchen.

The company also rolled out its TwinDos two-phase liquid detergent system. It includes one container for basic detergent and another for a detergent enhancer to combat heavy stains or to brighten whites.

Miele also introduced the T 8881 S EcoComfort solar-powered tumble dryer. The dryer is connected to a home’s central heating system, which is linked to a solar-thermal rooftop array, making it up to 80 percent more efficient than a conventional dryer.


Bosch added glassware protection and Zeolite drying technology to its new ActiveWater Eco dishwashers. The units optimize the amount of water, water temperature and drying time used to preserve high-grade glassware. The degree of water hardness automatically adjusts to protect tableware and glassware. The dishwashers also feature an option basket that provides protection for stemmed glassware.

After surveying its customers preferences, Bosch has added three new colors – Lime green, stone grey and espresso brown – to its line of SmartCool Color refrigerators.

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