Reaching more accessories customers through social media diversification

Growing up, I would hear my parents lament about how difficult it was to connect to the youth at that time. “All the loud music and the head banging,” my mother would comment. “What’s going on with you kids?” We were also told to not sit too close to the TV, and had restrictions on how long we could play video games.

Generation after generation, parents struggle to connect with their kids as technology advances and the means of that communication changes at a rapid pace. Kids today are not sitting too close to TVs – but they do have tablets and smartphones inches from their faces. And rather than blasting stereos, they are wearing expensive headphones (which we love!).

As business owners and marketers, we are faced with the same issues as parents – how do we best communicate to our customers and take advantage of the ever-changing technological landscape? Luckily for us, there are several ways to ensure you are reaching the most customers possible, and as an added benefit, many of these methods can provide you with valuable feedback and measurement.

The first and most obvious is social media. Creating a Facebook page for your business is very easy, and requires little time for upkeep. The trick is to always create a dialogue, not a monologue. Don’t just send out information; create a conversation, and you will find that customers open up. Next, explore other popular social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. Each of these sites allows you to speak to your audience in the manner in which they like to be spoken to. One may not be particularly better than another, but remember that people all want to be spoken to differently, so diversification can be key here. Again, try to ensure you are having a dialogue with your customers.

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