Retailers at HTSA See Continued Optimism

CE retailers and integrators interviewed at the HTSA Spring Conference in Scottsdale this week were just about unanimous in their positivity about their business prospects for the coming years.

“I’ve been in the industry a long time and I feel we’re going to have a strong year,” Joe Barrett, founder of Illinois-based Barrett’s Technology Solutions. Barrett recently remodeled his showroom, because “I felt like it was the time to do it.”

Jon Robbins of HiFi House outside Philadelphia agreed, noting that despite the horrible weather in the region, business is ahead of last year.

“We are pleasantly surprised,” Robbins said, and hoped a bunch of pent-up demand from the winter manifests itself this spring.

Another dealer positive about the year so far is Brian Hudkins of the Baltimore-area three-store chain Gramophone. Hudkins noted that Ultra HD is “doing extremely well,” and also saw strength with control systems and high-end audio.

Robbins cited Ultra HD, automation and high-end audio, and expected customer interest in curved TV when that arrives.

The HTSA event itself drew a record crowd of both dealers and vendors.

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