RIM Staying in Consumer Market

Despite numerous media outlets- including this one- interpreting last week’s announcement by Research in Motion that they plan to focus on enterprise as an exit from the consumer market, the company said last week that it will stay in that space.

“To be really clear, we are fully committed to the consumer market,” the BlackBerry maker said in a statement Friday. “In fact, we are aggressively focusing on delivering a unique and compelling user experience to all of our customers to enhance the way people engage, produce content, and manage data via mobile computing.”

The company went on to state that “rather than trying to be all things to all people, RIM will focus its talent base and homegrown software and services on specific areas of the consumer market where BlackBerry excels.”

The company recently announced the arrival of BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 and is preparing the BlackBerry 10 software for its smartphones.

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