Rumors Swirl as New iPhone Arrives

With the release of the expected iPhone 5 (and/or possible iPhone 4S) Tuesday at 10 a.m. California time, rumors are rampant about what Apple has up its sleeve.

What we do know about the release of the new Apple device or devices is that the event will be held at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Callif., and that Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple, will announce the device. It is unknown, however, whether former CEO and current Chairman Steve Jobs will appear at the event.

The biggest mystery is whether or not Apple will release two devices or just one. It is rumored that Apple is releasing an improved and budget-friendly version of the iPhone 4 and calling it the iPhone 4S. The release of two different new iPhones at once would be a historic move for Apple. It is also unknown how soon the device or devices will actually be released.

It is also rumored that Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 5, and the iCloud Web Service will be released Tuesday as well. The release of the iOS 5, speculates PC Advisor, would usher in improvements to both Safari and Mail, along with notifications similar to Android and Twitter integration.

Apple may also announce the addition of Sprint as a third domestic carrier, along with AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Some hardware improvements are also rumored as well. Gene Munster, an analyst for Piper Jaffray that covers Apple, maintains that the “let’s talk” tagline is actually a subtle hint for improvements in the device’s voice recognition technology. The iPhone 5 is rumored to have a larger screen and a better camera as well.

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