Samsung Press Conference Features Curved and Bendable TVs; Michael Bay Walkout

History will likely remember Samsung’s 2014 Samsung press conference as the day director Michael Bay appeared on stage and walked off two minutes later. But the presentation also featured some pretty groundbreaking introductions, including the world’s first bendable television, next-generation TV, mobile and kitchen products and big new content partnerships.

Bay, the director of the Transformers films, appeared on stage and, after a TelePrompTer malfunction, quickly stormed off. Other big names at the keynote included entrepreneur and sports owner Mark Cuban and chefs Michel Troisgos and Christopher Kostow.

Some highlights of the keynote:

– Samsung global CEO B.K. Yoon appeared to reiterate the company’s core principals. Later, the company’s American head, Tim Baxter, took the stage to proclaim 2014 “The Year of the Internet of Things” and discuss Samsung’s new SmartHome initiative.

– The company announced content partnerships with the NBA and PGA, which will put special features on Samsung devices, including phones, tablets and TVs.

– Executive Joe Stinziano introduced Samsung’s incredible new TVs, including the 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV, as well as the world’s first bendable TV. This was the moment when Bay appeared, and soon after, excited.

– The two chefs demo’d the company’s new Chef Collection line of kitchenware.

– The company also showed the Galaxy Tab Pro tablets, as well as new cameras.

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