Samsung Unveils New Super OLED TV

New line of LED and Plasma TVs focus on Smart technologies

In a packed-to-the-roof press conference Monday, Samsung introduced its new line of products, including a 55-inch OLED TV, LED and Plasma TVs, Smart Features, and home theater gear. Here’s a rundown:

The 55-inch Super OLED TV, scheduled for release this year, is what Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics North America, called the “ultimate TV.”

Produced from a single pane of glass, the set features a minimalist design, 3D capabilities and improved color accuracy over conventional LED TVs, and fast response times the company claims virtually eliminates motion blur. It also has a built-in camera that recognizes movement for intuitive control, and two unidirectional array microphones with noise cancellation technology for clear voice recognition. A new dual-core processor allows users to run multiple apps, while an improved Smart Hub provides access to content from a single screen.

LED TVs and Plasmas

The line of new TVs include all or some of Samsung’s three technology initiatives:

·*Smart Interaction *- Launch and use apps more easily through motion and voice control and face recognition, which launches favorites based on individual users

·*Smart Content*-Share photos, memories and memos from the TV to the cloud to smart devices, manage health directly from the TV

·*Smart Evolution*- Select Samsung TVs in 2012 can be upgraded with the latest technologies through installed kits.

Samsung’s UNES8000 Smart LED TV and UNES7500 Smart LED TV feature 3D, while the 8000’s Micro Dimming Ultimate analyzes the picture in hundreds of pieces to optimize the LED backlight and video signal, which generates a 20 percent increase in brightness for richer colors, brighter pictures and higher contrast ratios.

The lines follow a minimalist design and feature a .2-inch bezel.The 8000 also has a new metallic U-shape stand.

The PNE80000 Plasma TVs have a new black bezel design, a 1.5-inch profile and Plasma +1 ultra-slim bezel design, which reduces the gap between the bezel and screen content. The plasma’s Real Black Pro Panel is designed to produce deeper blacks than previous models. The PNE8000 includes Smart TV features, 3D, Smart Interaction and a dual-core processor. Pricing and ship dates were not released.

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