Samsung’s Curved TV Campaign Arrives

Samsung over the weekend debuted its advertising campaign for its new Curved Ultra HD TV. The campaign, which is called “The Curve Changes Everything,” aired on such Sunday night shows as Mad Men on AMC and Family Guy on Fox.

The commercial was directed by “Looper”‘s Rian Johnson, and features clips from such films as “Back to the Future,” “Jurassic Park,” “The Wizard of Oz” and “Gravity.”

Here’s a 60-second version of the ad:

“For the past eight years, Samsung has continued to bring the best, most innovative and well-designed TVs to the market for consumers,” Peggy Ang, Vice President of Marketing Communications at Samsung Electronics America, said a part of the announcement.

“With every change in TV technology, there has been a dramatic reshaping of the TVs themselves. With the introduction of the Samsung Curved UHD TV, Samsung is leading the way in TV innovation and we are excited to launch this exciting new campaign showcasing the beauty and benefit of the curve.”

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