Sears Marketing VP on Recession Strategy

Sears Holdings, the parent company of Sears and Kmart, said in an interview this week that the company, which has struggled for years, is using the recession to retool.

Richard Gerstein, the parent company’s senior vice president of marketing, spoke with Advertising Age this week and discussed the retailer’s plans during the recession, which have included the “Life. Well Spent” campaign, including emphasis on the new “Sears Blue Crew.” There have been some good results; Sears’ appliance division, he said, has gained market share for four consecutive quarters, after declining for 27 straight quarters.

Click here for the full interview with AdAge.

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    I am so sick of hearing about sears The idiots in Chicago should try listening when the people who work in the store try to tell the something does not work. SEARS put their self in this mess.