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Sennheiser Increases Brand Marketing

Dealers can expect audio company to boost social mediainitiatives, consumer awareness

December 11, 2013 By Jeff O'Heir
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Dealerscope Editor-in-Chief Jeff O’Heir recently sat down with Sennheiser co-CEOs, Andreas and Daniel Sennheiser, who were named to the role last October, at the company headquarters in Wedemark, Germany, to discuss changes in the company, the new Momentum line of headphones and additions to the company’s U.S. dealer programs and relationships. In this portion of the interview, the second of three, the brothers started off by talking about the need to do a better job delivering the full Sennheiser package – mainly through online marketing and new social media initiatives to U.S. consumers. Go to for the first part of the interview and stay tune for the final installment.
Dealerscope: You mentioned that you want to bring the customer closer to the product with a fuller package. What do you mean by that?
Daniel: When I say package, I don’t mean product packaging. We believe that there is so much more than the traditional technological factors that Sennheiser has been known for: sound quality, the quality of the product, long lasting, German engineering; all these classic Sennheiser values that we’ve always built our success on. Those have to be complemented by exceptional design, good material choice, good marketing, social media; youname it. All of that has to come together. The consumer buys a complete package, including the story of a product and the story of the company they’re buying it from. And here we are in a situation where we have 70 years of stories, great stories, and maybe we’ve been shy of telling them in the past.
Dealerscope: What will U.S. dealers see in terms of marketing and telling the story in the next six months or so?
Daniel: We have started. The problem in the U.S. historically has always been brand awareness.  Sennheiser is very well know by a small group of aficionados who swear by Sennhieser and that’s why our market share is extremely stable over the years. But it’s lower than we expect it to be and I think what we have done now in the launching of the Momentum headphone line is we have really brought substance into the market, which is something that differentiates us in therest of the market. For a dealer, this means he can sell with more confidence because the product doesn’t come back. We give more guarantees than others and we tell the complete, real story behind it. This is not a marketing stunt. We are the inventors of the open-ear hi-fi headphone and now comes a product (Momentum) that looks really stylish , has real substance that a customer can buy withconfidence and a dealer can sell with confidence as well.


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