Shop Talk: Randahl Ramos, Store Planning and Interior Design Consultant, Randahl Ramos Studios

“A lot of CE retailers insist that because they are in a certain part of the country, their stores should have a traditional look. They want ‘oak and oak only!’ because that’s what their customers have in their homes. But I tell them, ‘No!’ There’s a whole fantasy thing in shopping. Customers want something different from their home. They want some excitement! They watch TV, they go to the movies, and they enjoy very modern, very contemporary sleek lines. They want things that say the future to them.”

– Randahl Ramos, store planning and interior design consultant, Randahl Ramos Studios

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  • Bill

    Randy, I want your secret….Ive definitely gotten older but you seem to have held your space…maybe your nom de design should be Dorian Grey….Bill Gebing