Shoptalk: Ken Sully, President and CEO, iSold It

“Americans are not used to selling things. They’re used to buying and hoarding. You know, we stick it in the closet. But that’s changing, with the liquid secondary market of eBay and drop-off stores… the whole idea of trade-in, trade-up has got a lot of potential that’s never been there before.”

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    There is a shift in our culture going on, from “save it and use it up” to “buy it, use some of it and sell it”. It started with the introduction of the concept of car leasing back in the 1980’s. People don’t drive cars until they quit anymore. They drive them for a few years and get rid of them when there is still plenty of life left in them. The same is proving to be true with other high quality items such as cameras, bicycles, musical instruments, womens designer clothes and handbags, etc. And, eBay has provided an efficient marketplace to sell such items.