SIM2 Used in “Mission: Impossible” Production

A LUMIS projector from SIM2 was used during the production of the new film “Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol,” the company said this week.

While the film was in production in Prague, the filmmakers asked SIM2 for a LUMIS projector and delivered it to the location, a process that took just eight hours. The filmmakers used the projector in order to screen footage.

“It was through the skills of a team of seasoned professionals that we were able to provide the solution for this request promptly,” Alberto Fabiano, SIM2’s executive vice president, said as part of the announcement. “When we received the call, the entire organization, on both sides of the Atlantic, treated the request with immediate attention and care. As such, SIM2 was once again able to deliver with promptness, precision and professionalism.”

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  • Vinicio Musmanni

    No es coincidencia ! la exigencia de la produccion de CINE , con equipo profesional 2K/4K,( no equipo casero,) hace que la proyeccion deba estar al limite ! mas aún al ser 3D, se duplica la informacion !. Nuestra experiencia con SIM2 /LED es inmejorable en nuestras salas de correcion de color !