Smartphones Have Highest “Near-Term Purchase Intent” of All Connected Devices

Of U.S. adults with Internet access, 71 percent own a smartphone, 83 percent plan to purchase a smartphone in the future, and 42 percent plan to do so in the next year. Smartphones, in fact, have the highest “near-term purchase intent” of any connected device category available.

That’s according to new data, a tracking study called “Smartphones: Consumer Behavioral Trends,” released this week by the Consumer Electronics Association.

“The average smartphone is only a year old, which indicates a frequent replacement cycle for these devices,” said Kevin Tillmann, senior research analyst, CEA, said as part of the announcement.

“There are signs that the smartphone market is beginning to reach its saturation point. However, because an overwhelming majority of current owners plan to upgrade in the future, the outlook remains bright for these devices.”

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