Soen Audio Debuts Transit Speaker: Big Sound in a Very Small Package

Maureen Jenson and Soen Audio's Hari Seedhar

Audio brand Soen Audio at CE Week introduced Transit, a high-quality but very small speaker coming to the market soon.

The company’s director of business development, Hari Seedhar, introduced the product in a question-and-answer session with Maureen Jenson, the editor-in-chief of Technology Integrator and Tell magazines.

“With the miniaturization of consumer electronics, it’s a great time for audio in the home,” Seedhar said. And that, along with the question of “what would James Bond want in a portable speaker?,” informed the process of design of the Transit speaker. It’s a portable, high-quality, Bluetooth-based speaker, which can work with any portable device whether Apple, Android, BlackBerry, or Microsoft.

Soen Audio was founded three years ago by a group of Harman International veterans. The product is set to arrive in 6 to 8 weeks, at an MSRP of $249. It will be sold through the company’s own website, as well as Apple, Amazon and other select retailers.

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