SOL Republic & Motorola Team on Wireless, Moto X Headphone Products

The DECK comes in four finishes: Gunmetal, Lemon Lime, Electro Blue and Vivid Red

Scott Hix

SOL Republic has begun taking web pre-orders today for its first portable wireless speaker: the DECK – which features new, enhanced capabilities co-developed with Google-owned Motorola Mobility that affect range operability and ease of connection to multiple source devices.

The $199.99 speaker, also available today on the Motorola site, will be sold at Radio Shack, Verizon, Best Buy, AT&T and Target within the next 30 days.

The product has been in development since before Google’s acquisition of Motorola, Scott Hix, SOL Republic president, said. “The discussions accelerated and they got equally excited about our knowledge and understanding of the echo-boomer 15-to-28-year-old demographic and how we market and talk to them,” explained Hix.

DECK, the first iteration of this collaboration, offers some unusual features, including what SOL Republic is calling Heist Mode: the capability of simultaneously handling up to five Bluetooth pairings or NFC (near Field Communication) “tap and pair” setups at the same time. This permits any of five listeners to gain control over the speaker immediately, without needing to go through multi-step unpairing and pairing; once a listener “heists” the speaker, a backlit logo on DECK changes to one of five colors (with each color having been assigned to a different user), to indicate the listener switchover.

According to Hix, DECK also features Super Power Wireless technology, which greatly increases reception range well beyond the usual 33-foot Bluetooth range, to 300 feet. Another feature is 360-degree sound, which Hix said sets DECK apart from most wireless speakers, which are directional. There is also a bass port, and an boost mode for outdoor listening that is engaged with the press of a button. Battery life is said to be 10 hours

SOL Republic’s partnership with Motorola has also resulted in the release a series of in-ear and on-ear headphones in the SOL Republic in-ear Jax and on-ear Tracks lines that will be available in unique colors to complement Google’s newly introduced Moto X smartphone. Although the headphones will work with any smartphone, their packaging will bear a “Made for” logo designating their optimization in feature functionality for Moto X; the optimization has to do with phone control capability, said Hix. He added that 15 Jax colors and seven Tracks colors are being made available to allow Moto X users to customize their headphone look to their smartphone.

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