Sony and Control4 Redefine the A/V Receiver With Sony’s New STR-DA5800ES and the STR-DA2800ES

Sony and Control4 just announced their combined efforts to create the A/V receiver of the future. “We’ve taken the great core functionality of what Control4 has been doing and put it into our new receivers: STR-DA5800ES and the STR-DA2800ES,” Sony product manager Neal Manowitz said.

“Both units have Control4 Home Automation technology. The 5800 has 140 watts x 9.2 channels and 4K upscaling and passthrough. The 5800 has 11 HD inputs and 3 HDMI outs, including a second zone. This receiver has more streaming services than any in the market place with Hulu, Vudu and Netflix and is the only receiver that supports video streaming.

“How this new A/V receiver fits significantly into the custom integration channel is that it comes in two tiers.

“The first tier is that directly out of the box the homeowner can easily performset-up using the Easy Setup Wizard and all of the components in their system can talk to each other via a single button touch on their iPhone or Androiddevice. The homeowner can, for example touch Blu-ray and the system will work seamlessly because of the great Control4 technology built inside; the homeowner can even control their lighting.

“The second level of automation requires the expertise of the custom integrator. The licensed dealer has the ability to sell the box and provide the homeowner with a myriad of automation applications including, but not limited to HVAC, security, shade control. Multiroom lighting scenarios, add on touchscreens and more.”

A four-month multi-phase beta testing with their dealers revealed tremendous excitement that allows an automation in a media room experience.

“It’s a fantastic receiver that has the ability to give you more. It’s really a receiver, controller, media player, Ethernet switching and can stream audio and video. The homeowner will be thrilled because there is less complexity and fewer boxes and the custom integrator can get in and out of the job more quickly,” Control4 product manager Kordon Vaughn said . The 2800 is $999 and the 5800 is $2,100. Ordering is available during CEDIA EXPO and unit shipping is by end of September.

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