IFA 2012: Sony Building Product Ecosystem with One Touch Audio

Sony has been building a nice ecosystem for itself, and the work has paid off at IFA. The new products fit with CEO Kazuo Hirai’s vision of ‘One Sony.’

The new Xperia T, smartphone is the centerpiece and will be released over the next few months. The innovation is the one touch NFC connection in the Xperia T. One touch enables content to be shared from one Sony product to another without the push of a single button.

Hold The Xperia T over a Sony Bluetooth speaker and music that was playing on the phone is transferred to the speaker. Touch the speaker again with the phone and the audio transfers back to the phone. Touch a pair of headphones with an NFC chip in them, and the music is transferred to the headphones to take on the go.

A Sony rep said that with many previous devices Bluetooth syncing could take 8 steps. With one touch it takes just one. But the full value is only unlocked when combined with other Sony products, giving the consumer reason to invest in the full solution.

Sony introduced a new pair of handled SRS-BTM8 wireless speakers with NFC one touch technology, one white, and one black. Sony also showed a line of SRS-BTV5 colorful portable Bluetooth speakers and the MDR-1RBT headphones, which could hit the US in November.

For more information on Sony’s IFA product releases see Jeff O’Heir’s report here.

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