Sony: It’s All About 4K

At a press conference on the still-under-construction show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center Monday, Sony unveiled its newest products. And while the news covered everything from content partnerships to a waterproof Walkman for swimmers to a dog-mounted camera setup, the focus was on one thing in particular: 4K.

The next-generation video technology- while the industry has mostly agreed to call it Ultra HD, Sony has retained the 4K name- figured in Sony’s new TVs, as well as its cameras and content creation businesses.

The event, surrounded by a circular series of screens similar to those often seen in sports arenas, began with Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, who both acknowledged Sony’s tough year last year and the recent replacement of U.S. chief Phil Molyneux with Mike Fasulo. Fasulo was then introduced, and he hosted the majority of the presentation.

Announcements included a expanded partnership with Netflix, which was announced by Fasulo and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in which Netflix content will stream in 4K; this includes the Sony-produced TV series and Netflix favorite Breaking Bad. Sony also said that it is the only company that, “lens to living room,” makes content in 4K throughout the chain.

Fasulo also announced that Sony 4K cameras will shoot the 2014 World Cup, among other major sporting events this year.

He went on to introduce Sony’s new 4K handicam, which is significantly smaller and cheaper than the previous model; it will sell this year for around $2,000. Fasulo also introduced Sony’s new 4K TVs- led by the X950B Series flagship- and new Hi-Res Audio products.

The final part of the presentation dealt with Sony’s new mobile wear, including a tiny product called “The Core” and accompanying app Lifelog, which can “log and visualize your daily life.” And the company also showed the latest line of Xperia smartphones, including the small, waterproof T-Mobile-exclusive Xperia Z1s.

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