Sony’s Molyneux on 4K, Pricing, Retail and More

Speaking in a Q&A with reporters at the Sony Pictures studio lot Tuesday, Sony Electronics president and COO Phil Molyneux touted the company’s new 4K products, and also touched on such topics as the company’s recent CEO change, its Sony Store retail plans, its new pricing regime and more.

Some highlights from Molyneux’s talk:

– Molyneux proclaimed himself happy with the company’s new pricing scheme, calling it a “strategic investment program” with which dealers are happy so far. He also described a recent change from a “sell-in” to a “sell-out” sales structure.

– The executive sees “extremely good progress” so far in the integration of divisions following the recent ascension of Kaz Hirai to the company’s CEO chair.

– Molyneux said that Sony not only still has faith in 3D TV, but still sees glasses-free 3D as part of the company’s future. He did not share a timetable for the latter, however.

– The company is moving ahead with expanding its new Sony store concept, hoping to halve the usual store from 5,000 square feet to 2,500, with one store each expected to launch on the West Coast, East Coast and Midwest later this year, before further expansion in 2013.

– He touted the company’s domestic market share of mirrorless cameras (50 percent) and camcorders (60 percent), and said that Sony is #1 in unit sales for headphones.

– Molyneux said he could not comment on the possible entry of Apple into the TV manufacturing business.

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    You can’t just say Sony’s Molyneux. Their is an infinitely more well known person in the industry. Just say Sony’s Phil Molyneux, as it currently stands it sounds like Peter Molyneux is now working for Sony.