Spyder Digital Research Launches Battery-Extending iPhone Accessories

New brand, Spyder Digital Research has released its first accessories for iOS devices.

The first two products are in Spyder’s PowerShadow Series, and extend the battery life of the iPhone.

The i4 for the iPhone 4/4S is the first battery case that also has its own docking station for drop-in charging and syncing. The i4 case is designed to be thin and lightweight and adds almost double the battery life to the iPhone with 2000 mAh of power.

The i4X is a portable power station for the iPhone 3/4/4S and iPod, that adds a battery boost without needing cables or an outlet. The i4X gives the extra life for up to 15 extra hours of music, four hours of video, and three hours of talk.

Spyder also announced that more products are on the way and scheduled for a July U.S. release. The Wireless Mobile Media Server will create an instant wi-fi network for up to five devices, and the Cloud NAS will create a web-based cloud storage network.

“I’m proud to say that the Spyder brand is not just another line of cookie cutter accessories,” said Spyder President Michael Nitti in a statement. “Each and every product we’re bringing to market is guaranteed to perform the way it’s supposed to every time, and will deliver unparalleled technology enhancement that consumers won’t want to live without.”

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