SunBriteTV Debuts 32- and 46-inch Models

SunBriteTV on Monday announced the debuts of its new Signature Series 32- and 46-inch outdoor TVs. The company is positioning them as “dramatic upgrades to the industry’s first consumer-centric weatherproof televisions.”

“We’ve taken the best-selling outdoor TV in the world and improved it by leaps and bounds,” Tom Dixon, VP of Marketing, SunBriteTV, said as part of the announcement. “Our new design features powder-coated aluminum casings that make the new Signature Series models 50% thinner but actually stronger and more durable. By adding newer, brighter LED displays, SunBriteTV will take the outdoor viewing experience to a new level.”

The two TVs are available now at MSRPs of $1,495 and $2,895, respectively.

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