Survey: 65 Percent of Customers Still Have Holiday Shopping to Do

According to a survey commissioned by Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, 65 percent of consumers have more holiday shopping on tap while 45 percent have already purchased ten or more items. 14 percent haven’t even started. Other findings note that 47 percent of customers have bought most of their gifts on sale with one in five buying nothing at full price. 68 percent have made at least one unplanned gift purchase in their travels, with 42 percent buying three or more. While 53 percent say they haven’t bought any gift cards yet, Deloitte & Touche expect a surge in these purchases before season’s end. 35 percent plan on doing gift shopping after Christmas but before New Year’s.

The survey turned up customer criticisms as well. 34 percent of consumers surveyed complained about a lack of sales staff at stores they’ve visited while 26 percent complained about an ignorant or unhelpful sales staff. Almost a third walked out of stores with long lines and 42 percent left because the product they wanted was out-of-stock.

On the online front, 63 percent visited a store’s Web site before visiting the store itself.

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