SVS Comes to Gramophone

SVS said this week that it is bringing its products to Gramophone, the Maryland-based dealer and installer. The line includes the PB13-Ultra ported subwoofer flagship, as well as SVS’ other products.

“Being from the Maryland area, I’ve admired Gramophone’s service and custom installation work for a long time, Gary Yacoubian, SVS president, said as part of the announcement. “Gramophone is, without a doubt, one of the top AV companies in the business and their partnership in incredibly valuable to SVS.”

“SVS brings a unique energy to the audio segment, like a throwback to the days when performance was king and the experience mattered most,” said Brian Hudkins, Gramophone president. “With SVS, we know our clients are getting an incredible subwoofer experience and a highly supportive, customer-focused brand to back it up.”

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