Systemax Folding Circuit City, CompUSA Brands

CompUSA and Circuit City are both going away once again.

Systemax, which brought both brands out of bankruptcy and kept them alive as online storefronts- and even opened some CompUSA stores- will fold both brands into its TIgerDirect store, redirecting traffic from both to TigerDirect, DailyTech reported.

The company will also exit the build-to-order business, the report said.

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  • Peter Weedfald

    This is a colossal change for the Systemax team… they paid big for both the CompUSA and Circuit City brand mantles and relevant assets… and build to order was their signature competitive advantage… I have great respect for all that Team Tiger and Systemax have accomplished for decades… even with their couple of big bumps along the way… This change in consumer facing strategies signals accelerating change for all retailers to best compete in a hyper-changing short product life cycle business… as we are seeing over 20% of all consumer electronics and IT product sales on line, I auger we will soon see a shifting new product launch cycle outside of April and soft launch September… after all, .com providers are in launch mode 24 hours a day… keep pushing Team Systemax… we are sure these changes signals a very smart and aggressive new front end strategy we all look forward to learning from… Best regards, Peter Weedfald, President Gen One Ventures