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June 2018
There's nothing


but I'm talking

to eight or nine people

across the country

about different Deals.

-Jeff Stone, CEO

Tweeter Home

Entertainment Group


38 Cover Profile:

Acquiring Minds

Tweeter makes a big deal out of being small.

32 E-Gear Review:

Go Beyond TV

UltimateTV offers two very compelling features:

hard disk recording and Internet access.

A hands-on review and retail report.

44 Install or Die?

The challenges and benefits of becoming a

hybrid retail/custom install business.

48 TrickED Out for

Hot Import Nights

Mobile electronics manufacturers are moving

marketing funds away from more traditional

car audio contests and into booth space at

Hot Import Nights.


03 Attitudes

From the Editor and the Publisher

12 Editorial Advisors

Introducing the founding members of Dealerscope's editorial advisory board

14 Capitol Steps

CEA on cable industry stall tactics

24 Hard Sell

Sales tips from World Wide Stereo's Mike Toll

26 Master Class

Ultimate Electronics' Jim Pearse on the Generation Y gold mine

30 Do the Demo: XM Satellite

Retail plan and products for XM Satellite's Sept. 12 Launch


16 New Gear

CEDIA-centric products bound for retail

20 Profit Center

CEDIA-centric accessories

22 ConsumerScope

E-Brain's status report on the retailer/manufacturer marriage

50 Supply Chain

Panasonic and Best Buy improve inventory tracking and logistics

52 Behind the Box

Pittsburgh plant tour highlights Sony's plans for big WEGA tubes

54 E-Tailing

How B2B e-commerce is turning inventory into gold

58 Back Office

SiRAS arms retailers with the facts to help avoid a return

59 Movers & Shakers

Industry personnel announcements

60 Beyond White

New product introductions from Eureka, Frigidaire, Hoover & Sharp

62 Meet the Advertisers

More better ways to contact Dealerscope advertisers

64 Test Your Knowledge

Match the industry faces to the products they make and win big!

65 Hit Parade

Monthly survey of top selling products

66 Ka-Ching!

Industry statistics

DTV Outtakes

Consumers make their demands known in eBrain's DTV owner survey

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