Tablet Ownership Surged in Fourth Quarter

So many tablets were purchased in the fourth quarter that tablet ownership among online Americans has reached 38 percent- a 7 percent increase over the previous quarter. That’s according to CEA’s latest Consumer Outlook on Tablets.

Meanwhile, 74 percent of online consumers expect to purchase such a device sometime in the future. and of those who own tablets already, 86 percent claim satisfaction.

“The sharp increase in adoption during the past quarter is likely due to the wide range of sales of tablets of varying price points during the 2012 holiday shopping season, creating a new wave of tablet owners,” Kevin Tillmann, senior research analyst for CEA, said in a statement.

“As we begin 2013, anticipation is high for the next wave of tablets to include features such as high resolution displays, improved graphic capabilities, near-field communication, and thinner and lighter chassis.”

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