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Luke Gray’s Party on Wheels

Car audio installers are creative breeds that often leverage their talents well beyond traditional car installations. The techniques applied in welding, woodworking, plastics, lighting, wiring and audio can all be used in a host of new and exciting ways.

Luke Gray of HardCore Car Audio in Tucson, AZ did exactly that. He applied his creativity and fabrication talent to create the ultimate tailgating trailer; literally a party on wheels. More impressively, anyone attending the game is going to remember HardCore Car Audio!

Start with an idea
As a former Installer of the Year, Luke is no stranger to thinking outside the traditional approach, but was smart enough to know you need not reinvent the wheel either. Rather than engineer a trailer chassis from scratch, he began the build with an idea to utilize and update a modest pop up camper trailer he had so that it could accommodate some of the comforts people enjoy at outdoor gatherings, such as tailgating at University of Arizona football games. “I wanted to create something that would be welcoming to friends when we tailgate at the college football games because we’re often there for several hours at a time” explains Gray.

What Gray ended up doing was utilizing the existing trailer chassis, wheels, suspension and axle and completely fabricating the structure that sits atop. The tailgate rig is made from welded box steel tubing and can be partially disassembled for easy travel in an enclosed trailer for longer trips, or for compact storage. Otherwise, Gray tows the rig fully assembled and ready to go when it arrives. “Just add ice and plug in the power it up is what I like to say” adds Gray.

Audio/Video System
Gray used a Rockford Fosgate PA-2 Preamp as the input path into the system. “From the PA-2, we can collect audio inputs from the Apple TV, iPad or any other portable music source” explains Gray. Out of the PA-2, audio signal feeds one Rockford Fosgate T1000-4 four-channel amplifier that powers eight RF marine speakers. Two pair of RF M262B 6.5” marine speakers (one pair on each side) flank 20” LCD TV screens in the video and speaker tower while a two more pair of RF MB282 8” marine coaxial speakers flank a third 32” LCD TV screen in the back of the tailgating rig’s A/V tower. The center mounted tower splits the fun into three zones so everyone can view the screens, hear great audio and have full access to the cold beverage tubs in the stainless steel counter tops.

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