Tebow Endorsing TiVo

In one of the more alliterative celebrity endorsements ever, NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is now endorsing TiVo. The New York Jets quarterback has been named a brand ambassador for the DVR brand.

Tebow will star in an ad campaign and also offer the “Tim Tebow Zone,” a channel featuring the NFL star’s favorite movies and TV shows.

“I had no idea how great TiVo was until I started using it. I was blown away by the TiVo experience — it was so much more than I thought,” Tebow said in a statement. “With always being on the road, I love having the ability to find exactly what I am looking for and watch it anywhere, any time. The similarity in names caught my attention, but I quickly became a true believer. I’m looking forward to working with the great team at TiVo to spread the word.”

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  • Eden Folwell

    Know the facts… Focus on the Family is anti-gay rights. Anti women’s rights. Anti abortion rights. They are anti sex eduction that is not abstinence only. They actively work against homosexual rights and against hate crime legislation. They support "reparative therapy" for homosexuals. Tim Tebow is a spokesperson and supporter of this group.


  • Matt

    My TiVos are going to be on eBay, or in the recycle bin, one way or the other once Comcast gets out here next Tuesday to install the new boxes I ordered. Not supporting TiVo anymore in light of this endorsement.