Women Want Technology

Technology is ageless – and knows no gender boundaries, either

A female hand swipes across the surface of a tablet to locate the desired app, taps quickly on the desired icon and begins to watch a video. This sentence can be used to describe myself, my 66-year-old mother and my two-year-old daughter. Three generations of females – all experiencing the benefits technology offers. Technology plays a key role in American women’s lives and will continue to do so.

In the 21st Century, adult women play numerous roles in society; serving as workers, moms, wives, girlfriends and chief household officers (CHOs), to name a few. We share similar roles to men, and in some cases have more roles to play – and juggle. Technology can and does play a key part in helping women achieve success across their numerous roles.

In fact, based on recent research from CEA, 74 percent of online American women are interested in technology. And, if we take a look at their self-described technology purchasing habits, about one in five (19 percent) consider themselves to be an early technology adopter, meaning they start to use technologies shortly after they are released into the marketplace. As such, you’ll find women alongside men waiting in line for the next Apple iPhone release or buying a new Ultra HD television.

But what specifically about technology is appealing to women? CEA finds that women are more apt than men to recognize the entertainment and information benefits provided by technology products they own. What’s more, around three in five women (62 percent) say their technology products help them succeed in life, significantly greater than the 48 percent of men who feel the same.

Women appreciate the many benefits technology offers because they use a variety of different products and services. In fact, the technologies women use are not that different from men. The top products online women use include televisions, computers (laptop and desktop), digital cameras and smartphones. But women are not only users; they are also engaged in the purchase process, with the majority (71 percent) of online women personally involved in the purchase of consumer electronics (CE) products. Based on findings from CEA’s recent 16th Annual CE Ownership and Market Potential study, the average adult woman spent $437 on CE devices in 2013. Considering there are roughly 122 million adult women in the U.S. according to the U.S. Census Bureau, this amounts to roughly $53 billion in spending contribution to the CE industry and the U.S. economy.
Looking ahead, what technologies will women purchase in 2014? To help answer this question, we look at the underlying motivations driving future CE purchases. For online women, the desire for entertainment, making life more enjoyable, and connecting with family and friends top the list of motivators for technology purchases.

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  • Werx Repair

    Almost 70% of the screen repairs that we see on Tablets are from Women using new technology. They want their devices repaired and sent back as soon as possible, as it’s become a relied upon household or work device. "Hard to live without" is what we hear from a majority of our customers.

  • evoklarry

    Women do want technology; however, they want technology focused on their needs, and the greatest challenge is that many of the technology companies and app developers are either run by men aor focus their efforts to reach a male-dominated market. The leader in technology will be the one who listens to their prospective audience as much as their current one and designs and build products to meet their needs. Your article, very informative, prompted our agency to do a poll to 500 women across the US, and we asked them, what technology do you wished existed for your needs as a woman. Here are some of their answers…

    1. An additional tablet/screen that is JUST a monitor for screen sharing. Mom’s could use their tablet/phone and "share" their screen with a child completing controlling what is on the screen and only portraying what the parent tells it to project…while eliminating their kids deleting any apps or info. The cost should be minimal because it is just a monitor but built to be compatible, branded and reliable. I’m sure something similar exists and it’s not necessarily an invention but it is a marketing invention.

    2. An app that I can store my grocery list on (items I always buy) that will find coupons for me and place them in the list next to the item I purchase. I would pay (subscription style?) for this app because it saves money…I just hate looking for them!

    3. An automatic nail painter. It senses your nail and paints it perfectly in seconds and maybe even dries while it paints…could be one finger at a time to make it portable.

    4. An app that could pull the nutritional value of any food that I would take a picture of and also calculate the amount of calories, fat, sodium etc… collectively. i.e I have an apple, a turkey sandwich and Baked Chips and I would know all together that meals intake value.

    5. An app that kept track of my makeup expiration date and alerts me when anything needed to be replaced and provide me recommendations and discounts on the same or similar products.

    6. An app that you could input a dish name and it would give you a recipe for it and store your favorites.

    7. A wearable device that tracked the use of profanity and tabulate it so that you can work on cleaning up your vocabulary.

    8. An alarm clock that will showcase inspirational quotes every morning.

    9. A wardrobe app that matches your clothes for you.

    10. How about a gadget or app that can accurately estimate the fat content of any meal combination and assist you on the necessary choleric intake for that woman to help prevent weight gain and recommends ways to lower the calories and pair the meals.

    Those are just a few of the response. Point is – yes, women want technology, but they want technology created for them.