The ‘Art’ of Accessories Selling at DataVision

Albert Liniado, president of the DataVision CE/computer store on Fifth Avenue in New York City’s Midtown area, elevated the art (literally) of accessories merchandising to a higher level this week, with a two-day promotion designed to sell some unique mobile device cases, heighten awareness of DataVision among the city’s culture aficionados and make money for charity.

Liniado partnered with Frydaze, a Norwegian maker of both unusually designed and customizable cases for iOS- and Android phones and tablets and BlackBerrys, to co-sponsor the launch of the Bad Things by Frydaze sub-brand of cases featuring 20 abstract art designs by the artists Paul and Mark Kostabi.

Liniado made his front window available as a showcase for two days so that Paul Kostabi could paint murals there during the promo that are being auctioned off on the web sites and, with the proceeds of their sale going to the Stella Liniado Rainbow Foundation, a cancer research organization founded in memory of Liniado’s daughter.

The in-store event, advertised in last weekend’s New York Times and promoted through social media, also featured musical performances by Mark Kostabi’s Midnight Quartet. It is being run in conjunction with a special pricing deal on the Bad Things line that will extend through the Black Friday period. (Click twice on each image to enlarge.)

Editor in chief of Dealerscope
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