CEA Forces Delay in California Vote

The California Energy Commission has delayed its decision-making vote on the proposed energy regulations for TVs for two weeks, following last minute objections filed by the Consumer Electronics Association.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the commission was to vote Wednesday, which was the final day of the 45-day comment period for the regulations. The commission received a 91-page email from CEA with objections to the plans minutes before the deadline, and subsequently decided to push the vote back.

“Consumer electronics manufacturers have already dramatically reduced the amount of energy used by digital televisions—without regulation,” CEA noted in a statement issued the morning of the scheduled vote. The final comments from CEA included a list of what it terms “numerous mathematical errors and incorrect assumptions” in CEC’s arguments, a list of alternative ideas for saving energy,

“Green is good, but simply calling any onerous new regulatory proposal ‘green’ does not make it good for the environment or good for consumers,” CEA’s Gary Shapiro added.

The full comments can be read here.

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