The Finest Brands Brings Luxury Products to Integrators

The Finest Brands (TFB) this week announced its launch, with the goal of “offering new lines of business and a new approach to their customers.” It allows integrators to sell high-tech produts form game rooms, home gyms, offices, outdoor kitchens and more.

“Why nobody thought of this before is beyond me,” Robert Thompson, founder of The Finest Brands, said as part of the announcement. “It’s simply taking all of the profitable and fun areas of a customers’ home and making them available from one location that’s easy to access. The Integrator is already the trusted technology supplier on-the-job; now they can sell high-end, high-tech components for the rest of the house. It further ties the customer to the integrator in the best way possible.”

For more information, visit the Finest Brands website.

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