The Hottest Product Nobody’s Heard

At the party, she couldn’t get the docking station to work (I’m still afraid to ask why), so she tentatively took out the Monster and turned it on. As soon as she began playing the music, the questions and comments started coming: What is that? Where are the wires? What is it called? Where can I get one? Do I just ask for a ‘Monster’? Can we touch it? What is this ‘MOG’? Did you have to buy each song? Can we carry that speaker around the room? Can I connect my phone to it? Can I play my own music through it? Can you bring this with you to next year’s party?

The one question they didn’t ask was how much it cost. They saw a device that provided a solution in a very simple and elegant way, and they wanted one. “They couldn’t believe how good it sounded,” my wife reported. “They had the best time with it.”

Once again, there’s the proof that the right demonstration backed by the right advertising can generate big sales. (In the case of Bluetooth speakers, simply turn the thing on and play your customer’s music through it) Your next hot product is already here, and consumers want it. Too many of them, though, still don’t know it exists.

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