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The Week in Electronics Retail Crime

The outed Best Buy customer, the hundred-iPad thief and more in electronics crime

May 10, 2012 By Stephen Silver
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Best Buy Customer "Outed"
A Best Buy customer who took his BlackBerry to the store to be fixed was the victim of a "prank" in which an employee posted on the man's Facebook account that he was gay. According to 7 News Denver, Best Buy has fired the employee responsible and the customer is considering suing.

Two Arrested in Florida Best Buy Robbery
Two men were arrested for attempting to rob a Best Buy in Hialeah, Fla., in early April. According to the local CBS affiliate, the two 17-year-olds were both arrested when people nearby heard a bang. They were chased on foot but apprehended.

Texas Woman Has Stolen 100 iPads
A woman in the Dallas area has stolen more than 100 iPads from 28 Walmart and 8 Target stores, ABC News reported, citing its Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate. Every time, the woman claims that she left her wallet in the car, leaves with the items and never returns.

Target Thief Give Items Back

A man who stole thousands of dollars in electronics from an Indiana Target appears to have returned the items. According to RTV Channel 6 in Indianapolis, the man entered the store, hid out until closing, and then grabbed the items. A few hours later, a cart appeared with the stolen items.

Fork Stabbing at Walmart
A woman was arrested for stabbing a man in the neck with a fork at a Walmart in South Carolina. According to Midlands Connect, the couple had been arguing prior to the assault, which took place at 11 a.m. on a Friday.

Three Arrested in Walmart Thefts
A trio of thieves have been arrested for multiple thefts of electronics worth $5,000 from the same Walmart in Florida. According to the Orlando Fox affiliate, the three carried out the thefts when one of them obtained the key to a locked electronics display case after an employee dropped it.

Chicago Thieves Make Off With Apple Products
A group of thieves in the Chicago area reportedly stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment from an area Best Buy, including numerous Apple devices. According to Chicago's CBS affiliate, the nine-man group stole 60 iPads, and 11 MacBooks. The thieves were caught on video driving a truck with a logo on it of a supply outfit with a store nearby.

Walmart Thieves Drove a Rental Getaway Car
Two thieves who stole computers from a Walmart in North Carolina rented a car for the getaway- and were nabbed when store employees wrote down their license number. According to Storefront Backtalk, once the rental car company was made aware, they were able to shut down the engine remotely and use a GPS to run down its location. When police arrived the two men were "staring at the car" with the hood open and wondering why it wouldn't start.

Apologetic Thief Steals Again
A man in England was caught stealing a computer from a residence, and then stole from the victim again when he visited the home to deliver a police-ordered apology. According to the Daily Mail, the thief stole the second computer while the wheelchair-bound victim was using the bathroom.

Shopper Sues Apple Store After Walking Into Door
An 83-year-old woman has sued Apple after walking into a glass door at one of its retail stores. According to Apple Insider, the New York woman broke her nose and is alleging negligence and not providing "proper warning" about the glass doors.

Priest Busted For Porn on Nintendo DS
A priest in Montana has been hit with criminal charges after child pornography was found on his Nintendo DS console. According to the Missoulian, the 67-year-old clergyman was caught after the images were found on a DS portable console that he had sold to a woman. Similar images were found on his computer.


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