TigerDirect Brings Back Retail 2.0 With Internet of Things Demo

Systemax has been talking about Retail 2.0 since 2009, when it was attempting to revive CompUSA as a retail brand. Now, the company is bringing out the next generation of Retail 2.0 in its TigerDirect stores- and it’s all about the Internet of Things.

The company demonstrated its newest store concept for the media at its store in Aventura, Fla. Paula Rosenblum of Forbes was there:

The TV wall is always a compelling story for me: the quality of 4K and curved ultra-HD LED screens continue to boggle my mind. But the bigger story was the front right-hand section of the store dubbed “Tiger Connect.” Connect what, you might ask? Connect everything in your home, would be the answer.

See the full report here.

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