Tom Walker Sells AudioControl

After 29 years at the helm of AudioControl, Tom Walker has sold the company to AudioControl CEO Alex Camara.

“It has been an enormous privilege to be the leader of AudioControl for 29 years; and to have been in an industry this great,” Walker said.

“I am leaving AudioControl in the good hands of Alex Camara. The values of the company will be continued. There have been many options over the years to sell, but I needed to make sure I had an excellent person in pace that would continue to lead the company in the right direction.”

Alex Camara joined in 2011 and was promoted to CEO in 2012.

“This is such an exciting time for our industry,” Walker continued. With the level of computing power and the level of networking now available, the sky is the limit. We now have hi-rez audio and video so I see tremendous growth in our industry over the next several years.

“The software has gotten so good, you don’t even realize it IS software anymore. I will remain active in my other businesses including Rational Acoustics with our own ProSound software and I’m happy to hand the reigns over to Alex.”

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