Toshiba Intros 4K Laptop, New Back-to-School Line

Toshiba will release multiple permutations in June of an entirely new Satellite line of clamshell-style laptops – as well introducing the industry’s first consumer-oriented 4K laptop computer.

The Satellite P55t 4K laptop boasts an aluminum chassis and 3890-by-2160 native resolution, said Carrie Cowan, product manager for Toshiba’s Digital Products Division, who unveiled it along with the other series being marketed under the Satellite umbrella.

The P55t carries an MSRP of $1,499 and is aimed at the prosumer market segment, which includes photo enthusiasts and video editors. It will be sold through Toshiba Direct and through “specific dealers who can reach that type of buyer,” she said. The model is certified by Technicolor, and is loaded with an application called ChromeTune that allows the user modify any images’ color settings from the Technicolor default setting. It is fully featured and includes a Blu-ray optical drive, USB and HDMI ports.

The other new Satellite models all boast redesigned, slimmer chassis than the 2013 range. Within each series there are differing feature configurations among the various SKUs; a synopsis of features common to all within each series follows.
• C Series – The “value” entry-level series, in the sub-$500 price band. These are 26 percent thinner than 2013 C models, offer and optical drive and a textured plastic chassis for a premium feel. Their audio performance is boosted by DTS software (which is on all the new laptops) and the headphone plug-in has been optimized to sound best with Skullcandy headphones, through a recently forged partnership; the machines carry the Skullcandy logo.
• L Series – The “mainstream” series ranging from $400 to $700. These are Skullcandy-headphone-optimized, offer a champagne-color glossy finish, a new, frameless keyboard style with slightly contoured keys on their TruType keyboard, and have an optical drive.
• S Series – The “performance” series, in the $700-plus range. These feature an all-aluminum chassis, TruType frameless keyboard, backlit keys on some models, and Harman/Kardon audio speaker technology (with the H/K logo appearing on the chassis). They are 30 percent thinner than the 2013 S series.
• E Series – This 14-inch laptop boasts similar features to the S series but is a Best Buy exclusive.

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