Toshiba Intros Ultra HD 4K TV Series

Scott Ramirez launches Toshiba's new line at 2013 CES
New products include premium TVs, sound bars, media box

Toshiba kicked off its New Year at 2013 CES by announcing a new line of Ultra HD 4K TVs, a line of larger-screen premium LED TVs with “cloud” capabilities, a Blu-ray-based media player, and new audio products.

The L9300 series of Ultra HD LED TVs are scheduled to roll out this summer in 58-, 65- and 80-inch screen sizes. Prices have not been set, said Scott Ramirez, vice president of product marketing and development, visual products, for Toshiba America Information Systems.

Powered by Toshiba’s CEVO 4K Quad+Dual Core Processor, the sets feature 4K upscaling and 2D-to-3D conversion; ClearScan 240Hz refresh rate; CQ engine for improved picture control; and UltraClear Dynamic Noise Reduction.

Marketing around Toshiba’s new premium LED sets will focus on Cloud TV functionality for a better-connected experience that ties in mobile devices. Some of the initial key services include a family calendar, messaging, MediaShare, built-in Wi-Di and Miracast.

The premium models include the L7350 active 3D Series in 58 and 65 inches; the L7300 Series in 50, 58 and 65 inches; and the L4300 Series in 32, 39, 50 and 58 inches. They are scheduled to roll out in March.

A new line of more affordable TVs includes the L2300 Series in 23, 32, 39 and 50 inches; and the L1350 Series in 23, 29, 32, 39 and 50 inches. Those are also scheduled for a March release. Pricing wasn’t announced.

The Media-Box with Blue-ray models feature a web browser, built-in Wi-Fi with Miracast, an app platform, and integration with Cloud TV. The series includes the BDX2400, the BDX3400, the BDX5400, and the BDX6400. All are scheduled for release in March.

Toshiba’s new audio includes the Home Theater Sound Base (SBX2950), a rectangular box that sits on a table below a 29- to 50-inch TV; the SBX4250 Home Theater Sound Bar with a wireless sub-woofer and SRS Surround Sound; and the SBX3965 Home Theater Sound Strip for on-wall applications and 39- to 65-inch TVs.

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