Towns Touts New Age Programs at SYNNEX Conference

New Age Electronics president Fred Towns talks bundling to his vendors and dealer customers

SYNNEX president and CEO Kevin Murai welcomed and congratulated New Age Executive Summit attendees, saying this year, New Age business was “on fire.”

The New Age Executive Dealer Summit panel discusses what’s next in retail marketing. Left to right: SYNNEX’s Bob Stegner, Bob Culliton and Fred Towns; NPD’s Stephen Baker; Asus’s Rudy Magna; and moderator Ed Hecht of NewBay Media

New Age Electronics president Fred Towns exhorted dealer attendees at New Age’s Executive Dealer Summit Thursday to take full advantage of the co-location of his division’s show with the SYNNEX National Conference. “We debated about having the dealer conference with the national conference, but I’m glad we did it,” he said, encouraging his group’s members to network and exchange ideas with their counterparts in SYNNEX.

Towns said that New Age’s growth as an industry group has far outpaced the two percent growth of the electronics industry, with business for members trending up about 12 percent so far this year. He gave a broad outline of some of the assists New Age is making available to its customers to help them stay relevant in an ever-changing retail landscape.

Among the services offered is product bundling. “It’s very difficult to do at the manufacturer level, but we have the tools to help,” he said, estimating that New Age would provide 1.5 million bundles – “hundreds of millions in business for us” this year. New Age also builds custom-tailored shippers for clients. “It’s a great way to manage a product story” for both retailers and vendors, he said.

Towns also cited the importance of moving into the category of selling electronic software downloads (ESDs), particularly in this era of waning boxed software sales and less retail real estate available to devote to whatever boxed software there is to sell. “For a customer who buys a laptop, you can sell virus protection and presentation software,” he said – and it can be embedded in the machine before it ever leaves the store. “You become their IT person,” Towns pointed out, adding that Walmart has just signed onto New Age’s ESD program.

New Age also offers product remanufacturing services at a Tennessee-based facility, and the ability to sell the remanufactured product through whatever channel is desired, he said.

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