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TV Executives on 4K UHD & OLED

July 23, 2014 By Nancy Klosek
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In the second part of our vendor round table (Part 1 appears in the July print edition of Dealerscope), major TV suppliers discuss how dealers can best couch 4K, and give their views on the OLED category’s present and future potential.
DEALERSCOPE: What are consumer misconceptions about UHD, and what are you doing to help your retail partners clarify the technology and promote your UHD sets? How can the industry avoid making similar presentational missteps as occurred with the 3D rollout?
Rey Roque, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Westinghouse Digital: Consumers will see the value in the pixel density – much like what’s happening in smartphones and tablets. They’ll see the value in user-generated content, as 4K cameras become more widely available and lower in cost. There’s a lot of PC-based content and digital camera content that can benefit from this. Immersive gaming, which requires you to be closer to the screen, will also help drive adoption. We don’t think 3D and UHD are similar pitches. 3D was burdened with the glasses, and you really needed 3D-authored content. We think that decent upscaling, within or external to the set, can make UHD practical for a variety of existing 1080p content.
Scott Ramirez, Vice President, Product Marketing & Development, Visual Products, Toshiba: I don’t know that all of them understand 4K. But honestly, I don’t know if they understand what 1080p Full HD is, either. But I think people understand that 1080p is better than 720p and that 4K is better than 1080.  To really feel it, though, you have to see it. The questions on their minds are, does it really look better than HD? Can I get content for it? And does it make my current content look better?  Those are things that will make them decide whether it’s worth a premium price. We’ll try to provide high-quality demo content to retailer to allow them to show the true 4K benefits.
We want to show how good the TV looks with native 4K but also how great the upconversion process is, so in the content we provide will be examples of both. It will be provided on a flash drive, and the TVs are set up that it will auto run and auto repeat on the sales floor. We have to work with the retailers to assure that these get plugged in in all the stores; that’s a process we’re working on right now.


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