URC Debuts ccGEN2 Automation System

URC this week announced the launch of a new product line, the ccGEN2 whole-house automation system, which is meant to build on the Total Control home automation system.

The line consists of 12 products: two remotes, two in-wall keypads, mobile apps and controllers.

“We’re proud to say that we’ve had thousands of dealers selling URC to control A/V successfully for years,” Doug Cole, senior vice president and general manager of URC, said as part of the announcement. “And we’re excited to offer ccGEN2 through our distribution partners as a newfound opportunity to make the most of the growing awareness and marketing for home automation in a simplified, yet powerful way. We expect this next generation line to take the Complete Control brand into the whole house and the future.”

Volutone will be the first distributor to receive the product line, in March, with a staggered rollout to come.

See the new dealer-oriented site for the product here.

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