Investing in Vets aims to match tech jobs with returning military personnel

One of the greatest ongoing challenges for manufacturers and retailers in the consumer electronics industry is in figuring out how to refresh their workforce pools with individuals who are motivated, responsible and have proven issue-tackling talents and an ability for critical thinking. Of course, no one comes to a job prepackaged with all of the above, but it’s a cinch that someone possessing even a few of these qualities is likely to succeed as a long-term hire that will only reflect
well on the company doing the hiring.

With that premise as a given, what CE employer wouldn’t relish the chance to dip into a personnel-for-hire well overflowing with scores of highly disciplined and motivated men and women who’ve proven they can learn and perform with alacrity and enthusiasm?

That was the impetus behind the development of, a website powered by job-marketplace giant Monster Worldwide and spearheaded by the Consumer Electronics Association, which announced the initiative’s
ramp-up during the 2014 International CES.

It combines’s broad audience reach with the support and reach of the CEA, as well as a group of other participating technology associations. The program gives members of sponsoring organizations—in the case of CEA, both vendor and retail members—the opportunity, free of charge, to post job listings and at the same time peruse the Monster/ database of around 800,000 military résumés for potential job candidates.

The Timing is Right
The program was launched by the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), which established it for its own membership last August, said Allison Gilmore, vice president, Communications and Strategic Initiatives, NVTC. CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro, an NVTC board member, was so taken with the concept that he suggested it be expanded nationally, with CEA support. The agenda now is to build the program’s velocity—and the timing couldn’t be better.

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