Vizio Pulling Out of CES Exhibiting

Vizio announced Tuesday that its exhibition at International CES last month was its last.

The company added that it now plans to emphasis “closer alignment with retail partners, adjusting to ever-changing customer dynamics and making announcements when it’s right for the brand.” Vizio is also planning the “next stage of brand development,.”

Most recent years, Vizio did not exhibit on the show floor at CES, but rather showed its products off-site.

“Positive recognition from the press and multiple awards helped make this year’s CES showcase the best yet for Vizio,” Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer of Vizio, said as part of the announcement.

“With that, since the timing of CES generally doesn’t align with our product announcements, we’ll be looking to other innovative ways to deliver news and display products heading into 2014. Consumers, retailers and press can continue to expect multiple new product and technology announcements throughout the year, just at more opportune times for VIZIO.”

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