Voxx Brands Churn Out Convenience for the Home

RC250 Wireless Dock Clock Radio

Acoustic Research Stream Wireless Home Audio System

VOXX 808 over-ear headphones

RCA USB Home Charger and LED Nightlight

A full year has passed since Audiovox rebranded as VOXX International Corporation to better reflect its many global brands. Appropriately VOXX spent the first half of its 2013 CES press conference discussing the new home audio products from subsidiaries VOXX Accessories Corp., Acoustic Research and RCA.

Soundflow Soundmat

Building around the mobile phone as the center of audio content. VOXX Accessories announced a line of home audio docks that use Soundflow wireless technology to improve smartphone-to-device audio playback by not requiring wires or pairing. Each product has a built-in Soundmat that uses magnetic coupling to seamlessly play audio on a smartphone through the dock’s speakers. VOXX Accessories will introduce three products with Soundflow wireless audio in 2013 that will be shipping in April, the RC250 Wireless Dock Clock Radio for $29.99, the RC220 Light Clock Radio with motion sensitive light for $24.99, and the Acoustic Research AR250 for $34.99.

“The nightstand, for example, is an area of the home that has multiple functions and limited space. Still, consumers increasingly ask their nightstands to accommodate a smartphone as well,” said David Geise, president of VOXX Accessories Corp. Our Soundflow wireless audio tabletop and clock radio pieces add smartphone music and charging to traditional nightstand functionality in a single item, starting at less than $30. We’ve designed Soundflow to add simplicity, not clutter.”

Wireless Home Audio

Acoustic Research introduced an affordable home audio system. Stream Wireless Home Audio System. Stream uses the tools that consumers already have, wi-fi, iTunes, and AirPlay, and can be controlled by an iOS device or iTunes on a PC. A one-room system will cost $199, a two-room system $399, and a three-room system will cost $599.

“The marketers and developers at Acoustic Research asked a pool of consumers a simple question: if you could have a sound system in your entire home for less than $800, would you be interested? The response was an overwhelming yes. So, we made it happen,” said Geise.

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