VOXX Enters Identity Authentication Category at CES

Citing a strategy of pursuit of “organic growth in directions that will create new distribution channels and expand our footprint,” VOXX Electronics Corp. president Tom Malone announced the company’s partnership with the iris-identity-authentication solutions provider EyeLock, which will result in the sale to the consumer and enterprise markets of the myris USB-enabled iris identity authenticator. How myris works is that it converts an individual’s iris patterns to a code unique to that person, then matches that code to the individual’s eyes to grant access to devices and digital platforms.

Malone said the device, which offers easy setup and user-friendliness, will eliminate the necessity of keeping track of passwords, due to iris identification’s high level of reliability as a way to thwart security breaches and identity theft. He said that with iris identification technology, there is a one in two trillion chance statistically of the likelihood of a false match.

The device will plug into a USB-compatible device and provides security for up to five users; it is compatible with Windows, iOS and Chrome devices.

VOXX also announced its planned entry into the high-tech panoramic video camera category, through a partnership with EyeSee360. That liaison will result in a line of panoramic video cameras and software, the least expensive model of which, 360 MicroFly, is a $99 attachment that clips to a smartphone.

Ian Geise, vice president of VOXX’s accessories group, detailed several other introductions in line with the company’s current multiple brand roster of well-known CE names.

In the new 808 headphone range, the Duo on-ear headphones work via Bluetooth or through a cable, and feature 40mm drivers (April; $99.99). The 808 HEX line of wireless speakers includes SKUs ranging from $59.99 up to $99.99 for the HEX XL 2.1-channel speaker system offering a built-in downfiring subwoofer.

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