Vendor View: VOXX’s ‘Organic Growth’ Road Map

Tom Malone, VOXX Electronics Corp. president, tells how the company is extending its reach into biometrics and beyond

Dealerscope: At CES, you said that VOXX in 2014 would pursue a strategy of “organic growth in directions that will create new channels and expand our footprint.” How has that strategy been developing? Also, you made two very big announcements there. One related to VOXX entering a very different arena for the company, with the iris authentication technology embodied in myris. The other was about your getting into the high-tech panoramic video camera area, with the 360 Fly and the 360 MicroFly. How far along are you in commercializing those products – and what sorts of additional sales channels will their availability enable you to enter?

Tom Malone: The key elements of that new strategy are built around the two new core products we introduced at CES: myris, the biometrics product, and the 360Fly and 360 MicroFly cameras. Both take us into very unique spaces – one is biometrics, which is going to expand our footprint into many customers who support computer sales and peripherals, putting us deeper in that space. It will also open up the enterprise market, as this is a true business-to-business solution; we can supply this product to stores with 10 computers up to 10,000. That whole biometric space is going to be very strong going forward, and we think our solution and the timing of it, what with all the talk lately about huge breaches in security information, accentuates that, and emphasizes why it’s so important. We think it’s a very timely product that launches us into a unique base of organic growth and new channels.
The main 360 product and MicroFly bring us right into the sports and action camera space. But we believe it will be even broader, in that our solutions are not only sports and action; they are truly broad use, and apply to every type of moment you would want to capture in full detail and in 360 surround. It’s imaging that’s fully interactive.
Those two pillars of our new strategy bring us into new channels and new categories consistent with what we said at CES. We are moving forward aggressively with the launch of both, in late summer.
Myris is a great consumer solution; you never have to worry about your passwords and you get great security – one in 2.25 trillion false positives, which is vastly improved over fingerprint, at one in 50,000. The product solution is phenomenal, plus it’s easy to use – no more sticky notes with passwords scribbled all over them. On the business side, however, when you think of banks and medical and legal applications, they are looking for solutions that help them protect their own information and consumers’ information that they have custody of. The businesses we’ve talked to are extremely interested in this solution. The customer base in retail is more limited. We know who we can sell to, and what markets they’re in. However, on the enterprise side, where we’ve never really had a product solution that could bring us so strongly into that space, myris now opens up every business in the country. And what we really love about both these solutions is that they are both worldwide. With myris and the two 360 products, there are no markets where we will not be able to sell. Not just for my group but for the corporate VOXX International, it opens up tremendous opportunity.

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    The above is interesting but I’m more interested in how you service your products. I have a car alarm with remote that is malfunctioning. I’ve contacted the tech support. The first lady I spoke with was very polite, but could not help me without the model number. I want to point out I am 64 yrs old. The closest repair facility for this alarm system is in Roanoke, an hour away. As long as the alarm is engaged, the truck will not start so I will have to tow the vehicle 70 miles to have it repaired. This company will not send repair information to a repairer which does not sell their product. I spoke to another party at Voxx International who advised me there was either a black button or silver toggle switch under the dash on the drivers side. If I located the switch, this would disengage the alarm and the vehicle would crank. The first tech, Amanda, said she was sending me the owners manual but I only received the second page with her name. I E-mailed her a reply yesterday but as of this morning she had not responded. I sent her a second E-mail and she advised to call and she would get me another tech to help me. I called again and spoke with a very polite tech named Andrew. He knew his product and explained he needed the number on the black box. I again crawled up under the dash and located a black box (one of several) had the word Audiovoxx on it, so assumed I had the right one. Called back and Andrew
    explained I’d found the Shock Sensor. Told me to follow the wires back to where they attached to another black box and unplug it..truck will start. I crawled back under dash, followed the three wires to source and unplugged it. Truck didn’t start. Called Andrew back-was on phone-but another individual (didn’t get his name) was very helpful, spoke to Andrew, then explained I needed to unplug all the terminals attached to the black box. I did this and again, truck won’t start. Called back and got Frank, said Andrew had stepped out. Began explaining again my problem, was interrupted and was told to unplug all terminals. I said I already had. To which he informed me there was something wrong with my truck. He was very condescending, wouldn’t let me finish a sentence, and informed me he had worked on these alarms and that there was something wrong with my truck. I let him finish and asked if I could ask him a question. He said I could. I asked if the box that all these terminals was attached also had to be unplugged. He said no. I explained I’d had the battery checked this morning and there was no problem. Said it was probably how the unit was installed. That I needed to check the lead to the starter. I asked where that was located. He stated he didn’t know, he hadn’t installed the unit. I asked why he couldn’t send me the information as to how to install this unit and maybe I could figure it out. He said he will need the
    model number, but if I located same he’d see what he could do. I think it may be worth it to tow the vehicle to the Ford dealership and let them deal with this obnoxious individual. But I would lilke Mr. Malone to know I was an adjuster for 33 yrs and dealt with Audiovoxx regarding replacement of stereo equipment and alarms. Always received excellent service. I can promise him that I’ll NEVER purchase anything from his company again, nor recomment his company nor purchase any stock in this company. If he can’t provide service for the products he sells, why buy the product?