The Week in Electronics Retail Crime

Walmart Thieves Caught
A group of four thieves were caught and charged with carrying out thefts at Walmarts throughout Northwest Florida. According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, the thieves’ M.O. included one conspirator buying a stroller, after which she and the other three would use the stroller box to steal multiple electronics products. Police say the thieves also carried out a similar theft recently in Mississippi.

Thieves Beat Clerk
Two thieves at a Walmart in Pueblo, Colo. reportedly beat up an elderly clerk in order to steal an iPod last week. According to the Pueblo Chieftain newspaper, the clerk sustained “serious facial injuries” after he opened an iPod case and the thieves assaulted him. Two of the three suspects had been arrested as of Wednesday, TV station KOAA reported.

California Laptop Thieves Arraigned
Three men in Southern California were due in court this week to answer charges that they broke into a Best Buy and attempted to steal 19 laptops. According to the Orange County Register, the suspects broke into the store with the use of metal pry bars and a hydraulic jack. Police arrived five minutes later, chased the suspects, and ultimately apprehended the thieves and the merchandise. A fourth suspect remains at large.

Circuit City Veteran Hit With Fraud Charges
The former supervisor of a Circuit City in Florida has been charged with credit card theft, after he stole a customer’s personal information and used it to buy off-road vehicle equipment. According to the Highlands Today Web site, the 24-year-old supervisor took the information last August- before Circuit City folded- and stole the information from a customer’s DSL contract. He then purchased $2,779.49 of items at a store called Jack-It.

Town Banishes Walmart Thief

A man convicted of stealing computers from Walmart locations in Nova Scotia has been told by a judge that he is banned from Pictou County for the length of his probation. According to the New Glasgow News, the man had been arrested twice since 2008 for thefts from the same Walmart, both of which were of laptops that snuck out of the store in shopping carts. He was sentenced to 60 days, followed by a year’s probation.

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